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Teenage Anxiety Programme

An Educational

Support Programme

for Teenagers

with Anxiety

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What is TAP?

TheTeenage Anxiety Program is a stepped intervention to support

teenagers with Anxiety.


The programme uses three key evidenced

based approaches that address both the

Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety.


It is an action based approach that educates teenagers of the appropriate steps

to address underlying Anxiety.   

The TAP course empowers and enables teenagers, giving them the skills that will stick with them throughout their lives. 


TAP is simple and unique.  













Anxiety is a normal part of childhood and the teenage years, and every young person goes through a phase of Anxiety which is temporary and usually harmless.

If the Anxiety persists or is having a negative impact on a young person, it is important to address the situation by seeking help.

The Teenage Anxiety Programme- TAP is an Education Programme that teaches a combination of Evidenced Based exercises and techniques, which address both the Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety. Including CBT, Mindfulness and Helping Children with Loss.

The programme consists of six one-hour sessions, which are broken down into clear manageable steps. The sessions go at the pace of the young person, ensuring all participants are able to benefit from the experience.


If a student in Key Stage Four is displaying signs of continued or heightened Anxiety, they can be referred for an assessment to attend the TAP.


The initial assessment is made using a combination of an Anxiety Screening tool and an in-depth questionnaire in order to fully understand the current situation and context, and to ensure that The TAP is appropriate for the young person.


If it is deemed that the young person is not suitable or does not want to take part in the TAP they will be signposted for alternative support.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.  What exactly is the TAP

A.  TAP is an action-based approach that educates and enables teenagers to overcome different forms of Anxiety.


Q. Who delivers the TAP programme.

A. The programmes are delivered by a trained programme provider, who will support and guide the young person through the different educational sessions.


Q. Is the TAP programme therapy?

A. No. TAP is not therapy, but the process and outcome can be therapeutic.


Q. What if the young person is having external or private support?

A. As TAP is an educational programme for young people and not therapy, they will be able to attend the sessions. However, the TAP initial assessment will still be completed to ensure the programme is still suitable.


Q. Can a young person just complete one or two of the sessions?

A. No. To get the most out of the Programme all sessions have to be completed in the correct order.


Q. Does the young person have any studying or homework for the programme?

A. Yes, there is some work to be done by the young person. It’s extremely important that the young person has ownership of their learning, as their Anxiety experience is unique to only them. The skills that they learn and work on, will stick with them throughout their lives.

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