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Creating Emotional and Strategic Margin
 'The space between what you need and what you have'

Critical Thinking - Self Development

Managing Change - Strategic Planning

Emotional Support - Safeguarding

Supervision, as the name suggests, is an opportunity to talk through aspects of work with an independent person who does not have any line management relationship. It allows a person to share concerns or seek advice, without this being linked to their performance.


Working in Education is a unique and demanding environment and sometimes things may happen where we need to 'offload' or want to get another perspective on.



Issues that might be taken to the supervisor could include dealing with particular individuals or groups of students who are proving particularly challenging, working with parents/carers, working with professionals, dealing with emotional issues in a safeguarding or a pastoral role, management or strategic issues, your own career path etc.


The matters discussed are confidential between the   member of staff and the supervisor.


We provide a flexible approach to meet the changing needs and demands of staff. We can tailor and structure appropriate levels of support ensuring supervision is accessible promptly and efficiently.    

The extensive benefits of Supervision for a School

and its staff include:


  • Increase in morale and well-being

  • Staff feeling valued

  • Greater reflective practice 

  • Time to process, review and plan more effectively

  • Ability to off load emotional challenges of the role

  • Staff retention

  • Keeps people and the organisation safe

Ian Wright

We tailor Supervision Support to the context and setting of the school.
For more information please contact us.
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