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Being able to deal with difficult conversations effectively is a useful skill that is invaluable

in maintaining good relationships

with colleagues and associates. 




Disagreements don’t disappear when they’re ignored. People are often concerned about having difficult conversations because they’re worried the person might react defensively to what they’ve got to say.

Conversations need to be dealt with in an

appropriate way that achieves the desired result

and keeps the relationship intact.


This practical workshop shares valuable techniques

and strategies that will make it easier to handle

difficult conversations successfully. Participants will learn how to prepare for a difficult situation, get the conversation off to the best possible start

and manage their emotions.



What you will learn. 

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Who is this training for?
  • People who have a line management responsibility
  • New to leadership role or post
  • Middle and Senior Leaders
  • Anyone who wants a greater understanding of managing conflict and different personality types.
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